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Online registration for the 2014 convention is now closed, but you can still purchases day passes at the convention itself!

Unfortunately, the hotel hosting our convention has run out of rooms. Here is some information on finding an alternative place to stay.

Don't forget that you need to sign up for both The Ladies' Breakfast and City Tours. There are still spots available. The forms are in the package sent to your home and here.
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  The Swiss trio Maspesos is celebrating a 50th Anniversary this November. Ernst (lead) and Werner (bass) Hotan and Hans Hofer (chord), the original members, are to be congratulated for achieving this remarkable milestone.

 SPAH’s shadow Phil Duncan steps into the spotlight for a good reason.

George Miklas, SPAH member and alumnus of the Harmonicats and father of Janalyn Miklas, has set up shop as a Hohner harmonica dealer in addition to his business upgrading and repairing chromatic and orchestral harmonicas. Check out his new website.

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